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"Web Art World" is a Graphic and Web Design Art Company, located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Our graphic design office was set up in summer 2002 by Tasos Mouktaroudes. Our initial services were restoration of old photographs and edition of pictures.

In April 2004, we began designing family and business cards. Simultaneously we designed different invitations of weddings, baptisms, conferences, meetings and other events. Our development continued by designing brochures, leaflets and postcards.

After a while we started designing our own cartoon and comic arts. We created clipart for different funny characters and comic scenes. We also created cartoon heroes, as well as caricatures of American and Greek classic movie actors. Our clipart stock is suitable for printing houses and web pages.

In March 2005, another important step was taken. We designed different labels for cigarette packets of tobacco companies and international industry.

In May 2006, our office was recognized by the Republic of Cyprus as a graphic design company and we started designing function notice boards for hotels.

Since December 2007, we have been cooperating with "Simplisis", a company dealing with the development of accounting and stock control systems; and also the design, development and hosting of web pages.

End of 2012, a new partner named Constantinos Constantinou, was added. He took over as Director of Marketing and Sales Department.

Beginning of 2014 another partner, Natasa Lagou was added to the team and took over the web development.

Today our activities include graphic design, web consulting and promotional advertising.